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štavnatá, mandarínka, tropické ovocie


Moses Kamura Nganga is a small farm owner and grows primarily SL28 in Kiambu Kenya. He’s someone who had previously delivered coffee fruit to a co-op local to him, but he is one of many growing disenfranchised with his and his family’s hard work literally getting blended with so many other deliveries. This is single estate lot.

Three short years ago, in 2018, Kahawa Bora millers opened in Thika, Central Kenya. They have a mandate to act as a service provider for smaller estates and smaller independent producer collectives who want an alternative to the cooperative model. This mill is a sister company to Sucafina and Kenyacof – directed by an old friend Mie Hansen.

  • Producer: Moses Kamura Nganga | Moses and his family, despite having a farm under 10 acres, wanted to access the international market with THEIR coffee, so they needed to hold the licence to do so. When the family would have made that choice, it would have been between delivering coffee fruit to the cooperative society they belong to (and blending their efforts with hundreds of other) or taking a risk to try something new.

    Farm Name: Gifted | The farm and small wet mill are located in Central Kenya, in Kiambu, Gatundu South County, Kiganjo Sub-county, which is 60 kilometres from Nairobi city. Initially, the Nganga family was delivering their coffee to Kimaratia FCS (a cooperative). In 2011 Moses’ father sub-divided his land and that’s when Moses and his wife acquired 9 acres and started pulping / wet processing their coffee. The estate has 4100 coffee trees, 2400 Ruiru 11 and 1700 SL28 & 34. Gifted Estate flowers twice within the Kenya coffee calendar January/February for the main crop and October/November for the fly crop.

    Origin: Gatundu, Kiambu County, KenyaVarieties: SL28 | Drought tolerant and very good cup quality potential, but susceptible to major diseases. Found commonly in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe.


    Processing: Washed | Washed coffee or commonly known as wet coffee is the process where the coffee bean has had various fruit layers removed before the drying process begins. Once the mucilage layer has come off over a period of time with turbulent water, the coffee is then dried.